Welcome to Hollow Handcrafts


Located in the hills of Southern Ohio, far from the nearest metropolis, I specialize in various types of authentic handmade brooms, wood spirit carvings, bark berry baskets and other primitive products.

My workshop is a small cabin, built by hand, on our family homestead which I share with my wife and two children. It includes many genuine vintage broom making tools such as a foot peddled wire wrapper and a Johnson Improved Broom Sewing Vice which was rescued from an old barn.

The items I produce are sold in many local establishments as well as at farmer’s markets, flea markets and specialty shows attended throughout the year. If you are not local you can order by contacting me on the telephone at (740) 448-3602. As I mentioned above, we live deep in the hollow with limited email access and prefer to do business the old fashioned way. Small retail orders or large wholesale orders are welcome and appreciated.

All items are proudly made in the USA from locally sourced materials when possible. The prices are reasonable and the quality is high – order one today!

Homespun Harvest Festival – 10/5/2013

Homespun Harvest Festival – Free Admission
Date: 10/5/2013
Time: 10am to 5pm
Place: 9160 State Route 329 Glouster Ohio, 45732
Information: Curt and Rhonda Cable 740-448-3602

Broom Making Demonstrations
Watch as brooms are being made and learn about the history of the craft at: 11:00, 1:00 and 4:00

Old Fashioned Music Acts
Enjoy a variety of bluegrass and other old time music as you shop for handmade crafts or simply pull up a chair and relax – bring your lawn chair

Glenville State College Bluegrass Band
Dan Daily and the Sodbusters
Curt Cable and the Sunday Creek Gospel Band
Tom and Rosemary Niple

Old Time Hymn Sing Along
Join in with the bands and sing along to your favorite hymns from a bygone era at: 3:00

Locally Made Fall Decorations
Broom Corn Shocks, Wreaths and Swags
Pumpkins and Gourds

Locally Made Arts and Crafts
Large and Small Handmade Brooms
Log Furniture of All Types
Gourd and Pumpkin Crafts
Folk Art and Much More

What Is Broomcorn?

Many people think broomcorn is like the ear corn you see along the highway, but broomcorn is actually a type of grass called sorgum which is grown in a variety of places around the world.

Primarily used for making brooms and other crafts, this particular variety (Sorghum vulgare var. technicum) produces long fibrous stems which lend themselves perfectly to the art of broom making. Other types of sorgum are used to produce cereal grain, syrup and animal feed.

Another plant with the common name of broomcorn is a variety of millet (Panicum miliaceum) that is a cereal grain crop and not suitable for making brooms.